EDXRF Sulfur Meter(12 positions) Rx-630SA

EDXRF Sulfur Analyzer  rx-630SA ( New Version )

Sample ID and data storage

By added Sample 10 entering function,test result will be printed out with sample 10.rx-630SA has a data storage capability up to 999 test results and reprint previous data any time.

Carouseltype sample changer with acrylic cover

X-ray is sheilded by a metallic cover moving downward on the objective sample cell. The acrylic cover is for dust protection of sample and measurement area,it may be openedduring a test,allowing access to sample cells in the cue.

Tool-free maintenance

By changing the fixed method of the carousel and the sample cell flange,sample leak protection sheet exchange can be done without using screw driver.

Operability improved by adoption of 5′ color touch screen.

Thanks to the new GUI,operator can measure sulfur content precisely without training. rx-630SA determines total sulfur in petroleum products,such as gas oil,fuel oil,crude oil and naphtha,using energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence(EOXRF) method,which is an accurate,non-destructive,economicaland yet quick method prescribed inISO 8754 and ASTM 04294-03.