ABI Training Courses

User training is crucial in the acquisition of new equipment and should not be overlooked at the risk of wasting valuable time. Training may be required at various stages: when the equipment is first acquired, when the equipment is upgraded, when new applications are implemented, when new users are assigned to the equipment or simply as a refresher course.

ABI Electronics offers personal training courses for its complete product range. Training may be delivered on site or at the factory and can be tailored to accommodate all levels (from introductory to advanced). 

At ABI, we provide training that benefits our customers and their applications and it is crucial for us that all attendees completing any course are fully satisfied. We are therefore happy to meet any specific requirements regarding the course content, the objectives to be reached, the timetable of each day or any other aspect of the training.

For more information about our training courses, please contact a member of our sales team. 

Alternatively, users can also benefit from our specially desgined training boards to familiarise themselves with the equipment, in their own time. Each training board is supplied with a full training guide, taking the user step by step through the features and benefits of the equipment. This option is particularly helpful, as a starting point, to save the equipment manager’s time when new users are assigned to a new product.

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