ACL-2 Petroleum Colorimeter for Products




ACL-2 Petroleum Colorimeter Products Model ACL-2 automatically determines Saybolt, ASTM and other colors utilizing the Tri-Stimulus method prescribed in ASTM D6045, which generates equivalent test results with the conventional manual methods’ with up to ten times better precision, in typically 10 seconds. Since no subjective judgment needs to be called, a perfect traceability is achieved.

TRACEABILITY: No subjective judgment plus a full capability of easy and precise calibration assure high level of traceability that is required by modern quality assurance programs such as ISO-9000 series.

ACCURACY: Combination of a high-speed 16 bit A/D converter and low drift/high precision amplifier assures an extremely high accuracy. No more guess work, especially for the tricky Saybolt color measurement.

QUICKER THAN SPECTROPHOTOMETER: A typical measurement takes a mere 9 seconds, which is considerably shorter than the time a spectrophotometer would require. (typically 25 seconds)

USER FRIENDLY DESIGN: -A dialogue type operation plus dedicated design for color measurement of petroleum products assure the easy operation. Just select the desired color scale from the menu, pour a sample in the sample cell, set it in cell compartment, and press START key; accurate test result will be ready in 7-10 seconds. -The new design sample cell takes a smaller sample volume (1/3 of the conventional rectangular cell’s) because of its cylindrical design. Also featured is plastic caps, which prevents sample spill when the sample cell is set in the instrument. -Capabilities of Platinum-Cobalt color scale for solvents and Gardner color scale for varnish have been added.


-Flow-through cells for easy connection to automated sample handling systems.

-Calibration Fluid Samples made to the Appendix of ASTM D6045 for easy/accurate calibration.

-Rectangular sample cells for easy pouring of wax samples.

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Test Methods ASTM D6045, JIS K2580
Type Tri-stimulus filter colorimeter
Color scales Saybolt, ASTM, Gardner and Platinum-Cobalt scales
Sample cells glass cells or optional flow cells
Size / weight 400(W) × 400(D) × 190(H) mm / 12.2kg
Power consumption 130W