Auto clean

Auto clean

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Adoption of a peristaltic pump allows an operator to measure the density on higher viscous sample of 30,000 mPa•s. This unit is equipped with self-diagnostic function by checking keypad function and display. The cleaning efficiency is increased by blending air into rinse solvent. By this way, the total amount of rinse solvent is decreased and saved. In addition, not only inside but outside of the nozzle can be cleaned very well since the rinse solution is fed from the outside of the nozzle unit.

Expensive sample materials like perfume or fragrance can be returned back to sample vial after measurement are over. The DCU-511 series provides a variety of models with different pecifications depending on what type of sample material is going to be measured : N type for room temperature used, SS type for small size sampling, H type for high temperature used.

N type :

SS type :

H type :

20mL vials for use at room temperature. 8mL vials for small size of liquid samples. Furthermore,

the sensor, which inhibits over-sampling minimizes required amount of sample (approx. 6mL).

For those samples which are softened