Automated Carbon Residue Tester ACR-6

Carbon Residue ACR-6 automates the cracking / coking process of Conradson carbon residue test.

The microprocessor controlled oven requires less experience to conduct the tedious process and therefore yields more consistent test result.

  • Easy operation: Optimum heater output for prescribed burning process is programmed with ease prior to a test. Once a test starts, no further adjustment needs to be done.


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Test Methods ISO 6615, ASTM D189, IP 13, etc.
Process control by microprocessor
Ignition detection by sheathed thermocouple
Size / weight Control unit: 250(W) × 360(D) × 190(H) mm / 7.5kg
Oven: 190(W) × 260(D) × 440(H) / 5.5kg
Power consumption 2.2kW