Automatic Titration Application

Automatic Titration Application for Multipurpose of Testing  :-


Automatic Titration

What is a Titrator

A titrator uses the analysis method wherein the sample is made to react with a reagent solution whose concentration is known, and from the volume of the reacted reagent, the result is determned.Previously, this was judged by the change in indicator solution color when the reagent was dispensed from a glass burette. Now, the “Automatic Potentiometric Titrator” automatically dispensed reagent, determines endpoint, and calculates concentration!

Measurement Principles of KEM Automatic Potentiometric Titrator

Using the constant reaction between the substance to be measured in the sample and a substance of known concentration, by measuring the amount of consumption of the reagent when it is dispensed in, it can be ascertained how much of the substance to be measured is contained in the sample.

In hand analysis, the indicator solution is used to detect the endpoint by color change.With a titrator, the potentiometry (pH) change from electrical polarization is used to find the endpoint.


Where is a Titrator used?

Industrial Chemicals
[quality control/inspection/testing/research]

Food/Food Processing
[quality control/analysis/testing]


Petroleum Products
[quality control/inspection/testing]

[quality control/development]

Drinking Water

Plating Industry

Titrator are used in all manner of industries for quality control, inspection, and testing-related divisions.


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