Automated Distillation Tester ad-7

It’s been over 50 years since we started manufacturing automated distillation testers. Nowadays, we deliver to customers in more than 70 countries.

ad-7 automatically performs distillation test of petroleum products prescribed in “Standard Test Method for Distillation of Petroleum Products at Atmospheric Pressure”, as well as narrow boiling range samples with optional temperature sensor.

Ergonomic : Universal design for intuitive operation
Robust : Premium design for extended pro use.
Versatile : Enhanced functions for more elaborate analysis.

  • The world’s smallest class size of footprint.
  • Cooling/Heating by Peltier Cooling system.
  • 10.4 inch Color LCD that is 4 times larger than previous model.
  • Intuitive operation by Touch Panel.
  • 200 test modes can be recorded.
  • Test mode for unknown sample is available.
  • Test with less than 100ml sample is possible.
  • 5,000 test results can be stored.
  • Fire containment system with CO2 gas. (When ultraviolet sensor detects a fire, CO2 gas flows into the heater room if connected to CO2 source.)