CircuitMaster 4000M Precision Active Oscilloscope

The CircuitMaster 4000M Precision Active Oscilloscope is unlike any other oscilloscope as it provides some innovative test and measurement functions that enable engineers and technicians to perform several new types of circuit analysis.

The CircuitMaster 4000M is designed for safe probing of closely spaced components by adding precision DC measurement, signal storage and analysis functions to a traditional oscilloscope design. Indeed, a built in accurate voltmeter (24 bit) removes the need for multiple instruments, thus making the CircuitMaster a complete test and measurement station. In addition, the Active mode allows signals (AC and DC) to be injected into the board when required, allowing circuit conditions such as drive strength and source impedance to be checked – which is not possible with traditional oscilloscopes. In AC Active mode, the unit behaves much like a function generator. The CircuitMaster even has a built-in LogicView 4 channel analyser for logic signal display along with the 2 analogue inputs. FirmFlex and VI Curve functions provide impedance signature analysis on powered and un-powered boards.

AIMs – ABI Interface Manager Software (click here

For increased versatility, a software option (AIMs) for CircuitMaster is available. Please click here for more information.

In order to get the best out of this product, ABI has also released a CircuitMaster Training Board. For more information, click here.


  • 100MHz digital storage oscilloscope
  • 0.1% 24 bit digital DC voltmeter
  • Active mode – DC and AC function generator
  • FirmFlex node impedance analyser
  • Multi-range 2 channel VI tester with pulse outputs
  • 2 analogue channels + external trigger
  • Multiway 40 channel signal multiplexer
  • Automatic and cursor waveform measurements
  • WaveStack signal acquisition memory
  • Stored and live tolerance mask waveform comparison
  • LogicView 4 channel variable threshold logic analyser
  • USB interface for updates, settings and waveform storage


  • 2x Oscilloscope Probes X10/X1 
  • 2x Red/Black 4mm probe set 
  • 2x BNC to 4mm adapter 
  • MultiWay Cable with LogicView clips 
  • USB cable 
  • Footswitch 
  • DIL Test Clips: 40 way (0.6”) and 16 way (0.3”) 
  • CircuitLink Software on CD-ROM

PDF  Brochure

PDF Data sheet