Cold Filter Plugging Point Automated CFPP Testers AFP-102

Cold Filter Plugging Point the model AFP-102 automatically executes the Cold Filter Plugging Point (CFPP) test method. After developing its predecessor models, this third generation model has been developed by applying Tanaka’s latest technologies and the various know-hows. “Ease of operation” has been further improved on this model.
Use of Peltier cells for sample cooling/heating made this tester methanol free. No big chiller is needed; a small chiller with antifreeze suffices the cooling requirements.

Cold Filter

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Test Methods ASTM D6371, IP 309, etc.
Type Bench top, 1 position, with liquid cooled Peltier cooler
Measuring range Ambient to -60°C when used with 1 set of TCU-40B chiller (opt)
Display VFD modules
Ext. port RS-232C
Size 350(W) × 550(D) × 480(H) mm
Weight 27kg
Power cons. 500W