Multiple Sample Changer

Multiple Sample Changer

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Density, specific gravity, Brix or concentration of liquid sample can be measured by the DA-520, DA-510, DA-505 or DA-500 Density/Specific gravity meter of resonant, frequency method, which is specified in “ASTM D 4052 , Test Method for Density and Relative Density of Liquid by

Digital Density Meter” and “ASTM D 1250 Petroleum, Measurement Tables – Volume Correction Factors” as well as in “API 2540 Manual of Petroleum Measurement Standards”. The DA-520 and DA-505 can be used automatic viscosity, correction. The DA-510 measures density of liquid

sample with reproducibility of 5 x 10-6g/cm3 and the DA-500, with 5 x 10-5g/cm3 reproducibility. The printout data of , measurement results are edited to GLP requirements , including instrumental check and its record. These models are CE-marked to meet safety and noise requirements.