Automated Distillation Tester ad-7

Automated Distillation Tester ad-7

Distillation ad-7 automatically performs distillation test, the standard work is ISO 3405, IP123/195, ASTM D86/D850/D1078, JIS K 2254 of petroleum products prescribed in “Standard Test Method for Distillation of Petroleum Products at Atmospheric Pressure”, as well as narrow boiling range samples with optional temperature sensor.

Ergonomic : Universal design for intuitive operation
Premium : Premium design for extended pro use.
Versatile : Enhanced functions for more elaborate analysis


  • The world’s smallest class size of footprint.
  • Cooling/Heating by Peltier Cooling system.
  • 10.4 inch Color LCD that is 4 times larger than previous model.
  • Intuitive operation by Touch Panel.
  • 200 test modes can be recorded.
  • Test mode for unknown sample is available.
  • Test with less than 100ml sample is possible.
  • 5,000 test results can be stored.
  • Fire containment system with CO2 gas. (When ultraviolet sensor detects a fire, CO2 gas flows into the heater room if connected to CO2 source.)

Specifications  PDF Image    logo-ce

Standard Test Methods ISO 3405, IP123/195, ASTM D86/D850/D1078, JIS K 2254
Range Ambient to 400 °C
Display TFT-LCD 10.4” Color Touch-Screen with universal design GUI
Temperature sensor Pt 100 for Vapor, Condenser, and Receiver room.
Thermocouple for Heater.
Heater 24 V 600 W Low Mass and Low Voltage Heater, Spiral Type
Distillation Rate 4.5 %/min at factory (Selectable from 2 to 9 % with 0.5 % increment)
Test Mode Up to 200 test modes can be recorded
Safety features Overheat protection. Warning device for fire.
Correction Loss correction and barometric correction
Communication port RS-232C, USB , Ethernet 1ch each.
Dimensions W430 × D520 × H710 mm
Weight 55 kg
Power Source AC100 V-240 V 50/60 Hz 15 A