H.V. Insulation Testers (OLED Display 1kV up)

H.V. Insulation Tester (OLED Disply 1kV up)
(Ranges:0.5kV to 10kV 0.5kV increment steps)

6213A IN-M



● High contrast OLED display
● Designed for viewing in the dark, for mining industry.
● Wide viewing angle.
● Smart microprocessor-controlled.
● 2 x 16 characters, large, High Contrast, Intelligent OLED Display.
● Automatically calculates Dielectric Absorption Ratio (DAR).
● Automatically calculates Polarization Index (PI).
● Insulation resistance; Auto-ranging on all ranges.
● Ener-Save
● Bar graph indicates test voltage. Rise and decay can be obeserved.
● External voltage presence warning (>500Vac or Vdc)
● Overload protection
● Low battery indicator (real time battery voltage mearsurement)
● Measures insulation time duration of the test
● Better than 10% accuracy on all ranges
● Auto-off