KF Moisture Titrator Options

Windows® Software for Moisture Titrator [KF-Win]

tview6_kf KF-Win software enables your PC to control KEM’s Karl Fischer Moisture Titrators,
MKV-710B, MKC-710B, MKC-520, MKA-520, MKS-520, MKC-510N, MKA-510N or MKS-510N.

When it is connected to MKV-710B or MKC-710B, the functions equivalent to MKV-710M or MKC-710M will be available.

Analysis Software for Titration Results [Tview6]

tview6_at This software allows to capture the data stored in the titrators (MKA-610, MKC-610, AT-610 and AT-510) on a personal computer through CF memory card to manage/analyze titration results.

Data Acquisition Software [SOFT-CAP]

softcap Measurement results of KEM instrument are directly downloaded to your personal computer for further data processing

Evaporator [ADP-611]

adp611 Drying oven for moisture measurement on chip, particulate or powder samples such as plastic pellets
Maximum set temperature : 300°C

Compatibility of Main units and Options

MKC-710M MKC-710S MKC-710B MKV-710M MKV-710S MKV-710B MKH-710
ADP-611 Yes Yes Man
(Yes *4)
Yes Yes Man
(Yes *4)
ADP-512 *1 Man Man Man Man Man Man Man
ADP-512S *2 Man Man Man Man Man Man Man
ADP-513 *3 Man Man Man Man Man Man Man
Yes : Can be connected and automatically operated
Man : Can be connected and manual operated
No : Not compatible
*1 ADP-512 : Evaporator for measurement of combined water in iron ores
*2 ADP-512S : Evaporator for measurement of water in ores, metallic powder, ceramics and other solids and
powder materials by high heat (maximum: 1000°C)
*3 ADP-513 : Evaporator for measurement of water in oils
*4 : When it is used to connect “KF-Win”.