Automated Micro Carbon Residue Tester ACR-M3

Micro Carbon ACR-M3 automates the vaporizing / coking process of Micro carbon residue test, the result of which has been found well correlated with conventional Conradson method’s.

Furthermore, due to its more consistent process, it yields better precision. This second generation model has been further improved for its ease of use and test throughput.

Note-About Micro Carbon Residue Test: A weighed quantity of sample is placed in a glass vial and heated to 500℃ under an inert (nitrogen) atmosphere in a controlled manner for a specific time. The sample undergoes coking reactions and volatiles formed are swept away by reported as a percent of the original sample as “carbon residue (micro).” Micro Method offers advantages of better control of test conditions, smaller samples, and less operator attention compared to Conradson Carbon Residue test to which it is equivalent. Up to twelve samples may be run simultaneously including a control sample.

SMALL SAMPLE: Test can be run with a small quantity of sample (0.15 to 1.5g for small vials, 3.0g for medium vials and 5.0g for large vials, depending on carbon residue content).

EASY OPERATION: Test automatically proceeds exactly as prescribed by simply pushing the START switch.Pressure controller (2nd stage regulator) and solenoid valve supply constant pressure. No fine tuning is

required after test starts. The buzzer sounds intermittently for 10 seconds when the process is finished.EQUIPPED WITH GAS FLOW METER: With the N2Gas flow meter and needle valve fitted on the front panel,process parameters can be easily checked and calibrated.

VINYL LAMINATED TRAP: The condensate trap is equipped on the front of the tester. Thanks to this, the condensate volume is easy to confirm and the trap easily attaches and detaches. Trap jar is vinyl laminated for the safety.

Micro Carbon

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Test Methods ISO 10370, ASTM D4530, etc.
Range Up to 500°C
N2 gas flow rate automatically regulated, and displayed on the front panel
Size / weight 350(W) × 390(D) × 460(H) mm / 21kg
Power consumption 1.6kW

*Model ACR-M3 requires N2 gas supply.