Multiple Sample Changer [CHA-600]

cha6001The sample changer exclusive for AT-710M , AT-710S , AT-610 and AT-510 Automatic Potentiometric Titrators Capable to make continuous measurements on 12 or 18 samples

  • Allow to make continuous measurements on multiple samples easily by titrator unit
  • Compatible with various samples by combining shower rinsing or soak rinsing
  • Allow to setup a user-sequence for rinsing samples according to their properties
  • Allow for pre-treatment (dosing solvent) and post-treatment (draining waste liquid after measurement)
  • Feature pre-treatment to allow reagent to be previously dosed
  • Optional hood keeps operators from contacting hazardous solvents like acetic acid or pyridine
  • Optional water circulator allows to make measurements at low or constant temperature


Model name CHA-600-12
(For 12 samples)
(For 18 samples)
Max samples loaded 12 18
Rinsing method Standard: Shower rinsing
Option: Rinsing with two kinds of solution/solvent
Rinsing solution Pure water, Alcohol, Acetic acid or the like
Ambient conditions Temperature: 5 – 35°C; Humidity: Below 85% RH
Power supply 100-120 / 200-240 VAC, 50 / 60HZ
Power consumption Approx. 50W
Dimension 520 (W) X 426 (D) X 369 (H) mm
Weight Approx. 17 kg
Available Vials 100mL beaker (PP) Option Standard accessory
200mL beaker (PP) Standard accessory
50mL beaker Option Option
100mL beaker Option
200mL beaker Option
100mL tall beaker Option
200mL tall beaker Option
300mL tall beaker Option
200mL Erlenmeyer Option