Piston burette [APB-600]

cod510_1Unit for manual titration or dosing of reagent or solvent
Additional burette unit for Automatic titrator or Multiple Sample Changer (CHA-600)
Feature anti-scattering titration nozzle (prevent dosed liquid from scattering)
Platinum temperature resistance (Pt 100) as optional temperature sensor for capacity correction
Feature a safety cover to protect burette portion
PP one-litter reagent bottle (standard accessory)

Display 2 line x 16 characters LCD backlit
Burette capacity
20 mL glass burette with brown cover (standard equipment)
Optional brown glass burettes: 1, 5, 10 and 50 mL
Burette precision
1 mL burette: ±0.005 mL
5 mL burette: ±0.01 mL
10 mL burette: ±0.015 mL
20 mL burette: ±0.02 mL
50 mL burette: ±0.05 mL
Dispense rate Circa 20 sec for full volume
Dose-Dispense switching Auto switching system with a ceramic valve
Material of draining unit PTFE, Boron silicate glass and Ceramic
External I/O interface RS-232C (Factory preparation), Mini DIN 8-pin female
Ambient conditions Temperature: 5 – 35 °C, Humidity: Below 85% RH
Power source 100 – 120 / 200 – 240 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz
Power consumption Approx. 20W
Dimension 120 (W) x 363 (D) x 610 (H) mm (Burette unit inclusive)