Model : HT-3027SD

SD card real time recorder %RH, Wet bulb, Dew point, Temp., type K/J Temp

HT-3027SD HT-3027SD DW-6095 ram


* Humidity/Temp., Dew point ( Humidity ), Wet bulb ( Power Current Normal operation ( w/o SD card save

Humidity ), Type K/J thermometer, 4 kinds data and LCD Backlight is OFF) :

measurement are combined into one meter, intelligent Approx. DC 3.5 mA.

and professional. When SD card save the data but and

* Type K, Type J thermocouple thermometer. LCD Backlight is OFF) :

* Fast humidity measuring response time. Approx. DC 28 mA.

* Real time SD memory card Datalogger, it Built-in Clock Reemark :

and Calendar, real time data recorder , sampling time set * If LCD backlight on, the power

from 1 second to 3600 seconds. consumption will increase approx. 12 mA.

* Manual datalogger is available ( set the sampling time to 0 ), Weight 489 g/1.08 LB.

during execute the manual datalogger function, it can set the Dimension 177 x 68 x 45 mm

different position ( location ) No. ( position 1 to position 99 ) (7.0 x 2.7x 1.9 inch)

* Innovation and easy operation, computer is not need to Standard * Instruction manual…………………….. 1 PC

setup extra software, after execute datalogger, just take Accessories * Humidity/Temp. probe…………………1 PC

away the SD card from the meter and plug in the SD card Included * Soft carrying case ( CA-05A )…………1 PC

into the computer, it can down load the all the measured Optional SD Card ( 2 GB )

value with the time information ( year/month/date/ Accessories Type K thermocouple probe.

hour/minute/second ) to the Excel directly, thenuser can AC to DC 9V adapter.

make the further data or graphic analysis by themselves. USB cable, USB-01.

* SD card capacity : 1 GB to 16 GB. RS232 cable, UPCB-02.

* LCD with green light backlight, easy reading. Data Acquisition software,SW-U801-WIN.

* Can default auto power off or manual power off


%RH, Wet bulb, Dew point, Temp., type K/J Temp

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