SD Card real time data recorder, Patented Spectral response: 400 to 1100 nm.

Model :SPM-1116SD

SPM-1116SD Ram


* 3 functions : Solar power, Power integration, Transmission. Circuit Custom one-chip of microprocessor LSI

* Wide spectral range. circuit.

* Excellent long term stability. Display LCD size : 52 mm x 38 mm

* Select either W/m^2 or Btu / (ft^2xh) power units. LCD with green backlight ( ON/OFF ).

* Cosine corrected. Zero Adj. By push button.

* Application : Meteorology agriculture solar radiation Datalogger Auto 1 second to 3600 seconds

measurement solar power research physics and optical Sampling Time @ Sampling time can set to 1 second,

laboratories solar transmission measurement identify Setting range but memory data may loss.

high performance windows Manual Push the data logger button

* Separate probe, easy for operation of different once will save data one time.

measurement environment. @ Set the sampling time to

* Both meter and probe are built the Tripod Fix Nut, easy 0 second.

installation. @ Manual mode, can also select the

* Real time SD memory card Datalogger, it Built-in Clock 1 to 99 position ( Location ) no.

and Calendar, real time data recorder , sampling time set Memory Card SD memory card. 1 G to 16 G.

from 1 second to 3600 seconds. Advanced * Set clock time ( Year/Month/Date,

* Manual datalogger is available ( set the sampling setting Hour/Minute/ Second )

time to 0 ), during execute the manual datalogger * Set sampling time

function, it can set the different position ( location ) No. * Auto power OFF management

( position 1 to position 99 ). * Set beep Sound ON/OFF

* Innovation and easy operation, computer is not * Decimal point of SD card setting

need to setup extra software, after execute * SD memory card Format

datalogger, just take away the SD card from the Data Hold Freeze the display reading.

meter and plug in the SD card into the computer, Memory Recall Maximum & Minimum value.

it can down load the all the measured value with Sampling Time Approx. 1 second.

the time information ( year/month/date/ of Display

hour/minute/second ) to the Excel directly, then Data Output RS 232/USB PC computer interface.

user can make the further data or graphic * Connect the optional RS232 cable

analysis by themselves. UPCB-02 will get the RS232 plug.

* SD card capacity : 1 GB to 16 GB. * Connect the optional USB cable

* LCD with green light backlight, easy reading. USB-01 will get the USB plug.

* Can default auto power off or manual power off. Operating 0 to 50 .

* Data hold, record max. and min. reading. Temperature