Specialized programmers MEMprog2


Price: US $290.00

Who are Elnec specialized programmers primary designed for?

  • development community
  • individual users
  • universities


What are Elnec specialized programmers designed for?

  • variety of types and silicon technologies of today and tomorrow programmable devices (see each specialized programmer for details)


Why Elnec specialized programmers? 

  • fast and reliable European quality products
  • specialization allows programmers to be one of best “value for money” solution for programming specific device types
  • Elnec is only manufacturer granting free life-time software update for specialized programmers
  • prompt and in most cases free new device request also after warranty period of specialized programmers – please see AlgOR (Algorithm On Request) service for details
  • number of supported devices is one of the highest in industry and increasing every day
  • free technical support (WebForm/e-mail based)
  • Keep Current service
  • easy to use from Windows XP to Windows 10 32-bit and 64-bit based PC controller software, available in 9 different language variations (English, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, German, French, Russian, Portuguese, Slovak)
  • all Elnec specialized programmers are reliably working also under 64 bit operating systems
  • all of Elnec specialized programmers meets CE requirements