EDXRF Sulfur Meter RX-360SH

RX-360SH EDXRF Sulfur Meter

Model RX-360SH is a single test version of X-ray sulfur meter taking the same measuring principle as that of RX-620SA. Compact housing with a carrying handle and 2-way power source (100-240VAC or 12VDC battery) allows such applications as spot-checking in the field. The only consumable are small piece of Mylar film and printing paper, making the running cost at minimal.



Test Methods ISO 8754, ASTM D4294-03, etc.
Range 0.003 to 6.00mass%
Repeatability 10 mg/kg (as per ASTM D4294 designation)* at 0.008mass%
Size / weight 420(W) × 350(D) × 140(H) mm / 12.5kg
Power consumption 100W

Outline Option and Maintenance  : –

RX-360SH Outline 1RX-360SH Outline 2RX-360SH Outline 3

Important Spar parts:

  •  12VDC cord with lighter plug (3.0m) 
  • Teflon sample cells   
  • Sample cell assembling jig  set
  • Sample cell disassembling jig  
  • Sample cell stand    
  • Mylar film (200mm x 1,000m)  1roll 
  • Printer roll paper    
  • Spare Printer ink ribbon    

Important : START-UP KIT (needs to be ordered separately) 

Certified Reference Material (requires when set-up) 

(0.0% ,100ppm ,500ppm ,0.1% ,0.2% ,0.5% ,1% ,2% ,3% , &4% )

*Refer to the note for RX-620SA