SYSTEM 8 Advanced Test Module (ATM)


In-Circuit Component Tester and Functional Board Level Tester The Advanced Test Module (ATM) is a solution designed for the test and diagnostics of all logic PCB assemblies, from single component testing in-circuit up to complete assembly functional checks.  The Advanced Test Module is a solution that offers high test capabilities and comprehensive fault diagnosis with a high degree of flexibility. Powerful test combinations ensure the best fault coverage on PCBs or components and include functional, connections, voltage, thermal and V-I signature tests. A sophisticated but easy to use system with minimum user input required ensures that components and PCBs are tested efficiently and faults are detected rapidly.


  • Suitable for all logic families (TTL, CMOS, LVTTL, ECL, DTL, LSI, RTL, PECL, LVPECL etc…)
  • Power on and power off tests 
  • Library driven for ease of use 
  • Detects all common faults with functional, voltage, connections, thermal and V-I tests
  • Graphical test generator for customised test vectors
  • Board checker function with voltage drive/measure and VI testing
  • TestFlow manager for automated test sequences 
  • Pass / Fail results for inexperienced users 
  • Data logging capabilities for traceability 
  • Flexible software with user access control


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