SYSTEM 8 Analogue IC Tester (AICT)

SYSTEM 8 AMS INSIDEThe SYSTEM 8 Analogue IC Tester is the answer to testing analogue devices. The key feature of the AICT is its ability to functionally test all common analogue ICs and discrete devices in circuit. It is also capable of testing all types of analogue and digital components by means of the well-known, power off V-I test technique. For users requiring only the latter function, please select the Analogue Test Station section. The Analogue IC Tester can be fitted inside a standard PC case with PCI interface (one empty CD-ROM bay required) or inside an external case (MultiLink) with USB interface (please  contact sales for details).


VI Out-of-Circuit Adapter (optional) 

Acquiring V-I signatures of devices out-of-circuit removes the influence from other components placed on the board. For this kind of test, a V-I Out-of-Circuit adapter is available with 24 channels and three package options :

– Dual-In-Line (DIL, 24ch, 0.3″ and 0.6″ gauge) 

– Small Outlined IC (SOIC, 24ch, 0.6″ gauge)

– Small Outlined IC (SOIC, 14ch, 0.3″ gauge)


  • Analogue Functional Test
  • Board comparison fault diagnosis
  • Clear pass or fail results
  • Circuit diagrams not required
  • 24 analogue channels
  • Powerful Matrix V-I Test
  • V-T test with pulse for gate-activated devices (triacs, SCRs etc.) 
  • Auto clip positioning


  • 1x SYSTEM 8 24 channel Analogue IC Tester module 
  • 1x Analogue IC Tester cable set 
  • SYSTEM 8 software on CD-ROM 
  • Standard PCI interface


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