SYSTEM 8 Multiple Instrument Station (MIS 4)

s8 mis4

The Multiple Instrument Station MIS4 provides you with all the instruments required for the test and measurement of electronic components and PCBs. This portable, USB driven module can be installed into an ABI USB Multilink Case or even into your existing PC! (please contact sales for details).

 ABI’s SYSTEM 8 MIS4, along with the Ultimate software, is a faster and more economical solution than using traditional oscilloscope, metering and other bench test instruments, and can quickly produce the required Pass/Fail or other test and debug results. The MIS 4 package comes complete with the TestFlow Manager, a step by step sequence generator that guides operators during fault-finding or test procedure processes. The TestFlow greatly reduces the risk of inaccurate measurements and automatically saves all test parameters for a final customised test report.

8 instruments in 1 module !

Digital Oscilloscope

  • 3 independent channels
  • 350MHz, 500MS/s per channel
  • 6 trigger sources
  • 28 automatic measurements


Arbitrary Waveform Generator

  • 2 independent channels, 14Bit resolution
  • 25MHz, 200MS/s
  • Variable clock for truly repetitive waveforms
  • Max combined output voltage ±10V
  • 6 standard wave shapes
  • Create and import your own

Universal Frequency Counter

AWG instrument


  • 1 channel @1.1GHz +3 channels @350MHz (DSO)
  • Programmable trigger threshold
  • Sensitivity -21Bm @100kHz/- 1.2Bm @1.1GHz


Universal I/O


  • 8 fully programmable, independent channels
  • ±10V OUT @20mA, ±15V IN
  • 5 logic presets available










1 channel, isolated 2 channels, isolated 1 channel
DC, true RMS AC or AC+DC DC, true RMS AC or AC+DC 20MΩ, 4 ½ digits, 20,000 Count
±10V, 4 ½ digits, 20,000 Count ±500V, 4 ½ digits, 20,000 Count Resistance, Continuity and Diode modes


PSUAuxiliary Power Supply

  • 4 independent controlled channels
  • +12V -12V up to 100mA
  • +5V up to 1A, +3.3V up to 1A



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