Windows® Software for Titrators [AT-Win]

atwin1AT-Win software enables your PC to control KEM’s Automatic Potentiometric Titrators
e.g., AT-710B, AT-700, AT-510 or AT-500N.

When it is connected to AT-710B, the functions equivalent to AT-710M will be available.

    • Windows® 7 Easy operation with PC
    • Possible to output data such as result, method in PDF format
    • ONE AT-Win software can control multiple Automatic Potentiometric Titrators simultaneously. *1
    • Navigation function automatically configures settings of measurement conditions by inputting category, sample parameter, measurement range, etc.
    • Possible to set a user ID and password to prevent a situation that some parameters were changed without noticing it.
    • SOP Macro can display arbitrary messages and/or numeric inputs (up to 20 steps) on the screen.
    • Fully GLP conformed.
    • ER-PACK plugin enables electronic records and signatures.
    • Operation lock function mounted.
    • Automatic folder creation function mounted.
    • Any computer connected through LAN to the main computer directly connected to the titrator can perform re-analysis or re-calculation.


*1 When using multiple titrators, one needs as many key code cards as units.

Operating system Windows® 7 Professional (SP1 or later)32 or 64bit *1
Memory More than 1GB RAM
Hard disk space 40GB or more free space
Required software Microsoft® Internet Explorer® 8.0 or later
Adobe® Reader® more than 9.0 or later
Display Resolution of 1024×768 or higher
Disk drive CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive
Serial port RS-232C D-sub male 9pin or USB port :1 port *2
Expansion slot (in expansion) One empty PCI or LPCI slot or more

*1 Only 32bit is supported when using ER-PACK
1) One needs as many serial ports as Automatic Potentiometric Titrators.Also another serial port is needed if connecting a balance or a barcode reader.
2) Please note that one serial port may be already used if the PC includes a modem.